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PLDT Vibe Internet is a dial-up internet service that gives sure, fast and reliable dial-up internet service nationwide. It is available in Pre-paid Card, Pay Per Surf and Post Paid Plans.
Prepaid Card. PLDT Vibe Internet Prepaid is available in P100 denomination. At only 8 cents per minute (P0.08/min.) all-day, all-night, you get 20 solid hours of high speed surfing for a P100 card. Vibe Prepaid Internet cards are available at all PLDT Business Offices, authorized dealers and agents nationwide.
Pay Per Surf. PLDT Vibe Internetfs Pay Per Surf is pre-activated in all postpaid PLDT residential landlines so your phone is gInternet-readyh. You pay only for the minutes you use. Plus, you get the advantage of having one-bill convenience since all PLDT Vibe Internet charges shall be billed to your PLDT landline bill. To know how to access the Internet now with Pay Per Surf, click here. The following charges apply to PLDT Pay Per Surf: P0.25/minute (Off-peak rate from 6:00p.m. to 6:00a.m.), P0.50/minute (Peak rate from 6:01a.m. to 5:59p.m.)
Postpaid. Now you can email, surf, chat, download and play online games all you want for only P 750.00 (VAT Inc.) per month. To avail of a Vibe Postpaid plan Unlimited, call 171
Log on now to PLDT Play and play Khan Online for FREE!

Log on now to PLDT Play and play Khan Online for FREE! Also, play free networked games like Counter-Strike and Unreal 2004! Game on!
PLDT Vibe Plan Unlimited

? With one fixed monthly fee you can
   spend unlimited time online!
? Get faster web surfing with PLDTfs
   superior internet network
? Gives you one bill convenience, since
   phone and internet charges are in one
   PLDT bill
A rewarding experience awaits you

Introducing the PLDT Vibe rewards programs. Simply use PLDT VIbe to earn points. The more PLDT Vibe service you use, the more benefits you will receive.

With so much cyberspace to explore, only PLDT Vibe can handle all your internet needs. Itfs the most powerful gateway to the internet and itfs right in your postpaid residential PLDT landline. Giving you the fastest, uninterrupted, nationwide internet connection only the largest telecommunications company can offer.

No need for ISP subscriptions, the gateway to the internet is already pre-activated on your PLDT landline. Plus PLDT Vibe lets you take on the internet with the fastest dial-up speed and lowest surfer traffic because there are more dial-up access lines. All Rights Reserved 2002